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Update:February 18, 2021


Using the subway

Using ticket-vending machines




 Ticket-vending machines
※The photo shows only one type of ticket-vending machine; other types exist.

1Money slots
2Child button/welfare button
3Ticket/language selection buttons 
4Touch panel
5Ticket/card/change delivery slots

aOne-Day Card/Donichika Ticket
bTransfer to streetcar
cTransfer to bus
dSubway only
fSAPICA Commuter Pass
gEnglish ※Touch here for English.


Purchasing tickets/One-Day Cards/SAPICA IC Cards

Charging SAPICA IC Cards

1Insert the required fare.

3Select the SAPICA charge button.

2Press the child button (top) or the welfare button (bottom) if necessary.

4Select “Open” or “Registered.”

3Touch the desired ticket type on the screen.

4Select the desired amount to be charged.

4Touch the fare for the travel section.

1Insert the required amount.

5Take the ticket and change.

5Take the SAPICA IC Card and change.

Automatic ticket gates

  1. Insert the ticket or card when passing through the ticket gate.
  2. Be sure to take the ticket or card when it comes out, as it will be needed at the destination station.
  3. Insert the ticket or card when passing through the ticket gate at the destination station.

※Just touch the reader with the SAPICA IC Card when passing through the ticket gate.



Getting on/off streetcars