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Update:February 18, 2016

Sapporo Pirka Kotan

sapporo pirka kotan

Ainu Culture Promotion Center, disseminating the spirit of the Ainu

Sapporo Pirka Kotan

Visitors can enjoy learning about the livelihood, history and art of the Ainu, who lived indigenously on northern lands and fostered a unique culture.
This is Japan's first facility featuring indigenous peoples, where visitors can watch, touch and experience numerous traditional Ainu handicrafts made by Ainu living in Sapporo.

Visiter Infomation

Opening hours

8:45 a.m.-10:00 p.m. (9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. for Exhibition Room)


Mon., national holidays, year end and New Year holidays (Dec.29-Jan.3) and last Tue. of every month

Admission fees to Exhibition Room

Adults: 200 yen (180 yen); High school students: 100 yen (90 yen) *Figures in parentheses indicate admission fees for groups

Craft of arts Ainu

Craft of arts Ainu display


1 Rekishi-no-Sato (Hometown of History)
You will experience time travel back to the age when the Ainu lived in the middle of a vast wilderness.
A cise(house) and a pu(storehouse) are reproduced as they were in those days.

2 Shizen-no-Sato (Hometown of Nature)
An iyutap (rice milling device) and a pond are reproduced, and you will feel the close relationship between the Ainu and water.

3. Entrance Hall
Make your way down the walkway decorated with a Blakiston's fish owl, one of the Ainu deities, and proceed into the entrance, where you will set foot into the world of Ainu culture. a monument carved in wood envisioning the rejuvenation of Ainu culture welcomes you.

4. Street Gallery
The Street Gallery resembles a gentle flowing river. Exhibited in the display cases are examples of present-day Ainu culture, works that emanate a breath of newness as well as those handed down by tradition through generations.

5. Information Corner
You can investigate Ainu culture and history using an information system, video images and publications.
Touch panel information system
Image library
Book browsing corner
Ainu language PC dictionary

6. Itaomacip
This is an Ainu oceangoing boat measuring approximately 15 meter in length.

7. Lecture Room
Equipped with imaging devices and information system functions designed to introduce culture and history, this room offers space for those who wish to further learn about Ainu culture.

8. Exhibition Room
You can hold exhibits in your hands.
Data concerning exhibits are displayed, using barcodes.
Imaging corner with guidance
Digital picture show of ancient stories
Ainu language quiz
Pirka piano
Quoits made of grapevines
Table with hands-on activities

9. Interaction Hall
Welcoming interaction between the Ainu and visitors as well as the promotion of oral traditional culture. This space can be converted into a multi-purpose hall by installing 187 movable spectator seats.

Entrance Hall
Street Gallery
Street Gallery
Information Corner
Information Corner
Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall