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Update:January 25, 2019

Winter Life and Disaster Prevention

Winter Life

This page introduces necessary measures you should take when walking outside in winter in Hokkaido as well as ways of dress which can help prevent injury when slipping and falling outside.

If you walk the same way on slippery roads as you do on roads clear of snow, inevitably, you will slip and fall. Here, we will introduce ways of walking which protect you from falling down on slippery surfaces.

You can download the Sapporo Winter Road Guide which is full of tips and tricks to help you use the roads without falling down. Please use this guide to learn how to prevent pedestrian accidents due to slipping and falling and to be more safe, secure, and comfortable in winter.

For more detailed information, see the Winter Life Promotion Council’s webpage. (*External link)

On prevention of damage caused by blizzards and other cases

Pay attention to weather information and avoid going outside when snowstorms are expected.

Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Information * External link

  • If you must go outside and drive somewhere, please keep in mind the following points.

-There is a possibility that the car may stall and you may be stuck, so always keep items such as warm clothing, hand warmers, boots, gloves, a shovel, and towing rope in your car and make sure you have enough fuel before heading out. Also, it is always a good idea to prepare emergency rations and drinking water just in case something happens.

-You may feel unsafe when driving due to a snowstorm or other adverse conditions. Don’t push yourself and pull over to a roadside rest stop (michi-no-eki), gas station, convenience store, or similar location and wait for the weather to improve.

-If your car stalls and you are stuck with no place for you to take shelter or seek help, contact the fire department (119) or the police (110). Periodically remove the snow around your car so the muffler does not get buried in snow and crack open a window to allow for ventilation as you wait to be rescued. If the muffler gets buried in snow, the exhaust will back up into the car and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Prepare for earthquakes in winter

-Be prepared for disaster on a daily basis. Prepare emergency items at home which can be easily taken with you, such as food and drinking water supplies. 

Damage prevention during snow-melt season

  • Caution should be taken as follows during the period between winter and spring when temperatures rise.

-When walking under eaves, be careful of snow falling from the roof. 

-Water levels may rise suddenly in rivers. Do not go near rivers.

-Be careful of avalanches.