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Update:December 2, 2019

About the opening of the SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents

 The Sapporo Help Desk for Foreign Residents has officially opened by the Sapporo City government to help foreign residents or related organizations when they need to gather information or want to consult about their problems.

 At the help desk, in addition to carefully providing specialized consultation to complex cases, Help Desk will provide advice and proposals that enable the consultee to take action to solve the problem.


 The Help Desk can provide consultation for a variety of problems, such as:

1.Where to learn Japanese?

2.How to respond to letters from ward governments?

3.What do I need to know when my wife is expecting a baby?

4.How to apply for a daycare center?

5.How to file an income tax return?

6.How to deal with family troubles? etc.

※A representative is acceptable if the person in question cannot come him or herself.



Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (3F MN Building, Kita 1-jo Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo).


Tel: 011-211-3678


Office Time

Monday to Friday 9:30AM~5PM

※Closed during national holidays and the New year’s holiday.

Multilingual Support (Up to 12 languages)

We have staffs who can speak simple Japanese, English and Chinese.

Other languages support will be provided via telephone interpretation.

9:30AM~5PM English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese.

10AM~5PM Vietnam, Tagalog, Russian, Nepalese, French, Thai.


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