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Update:April 11, 2017

The biliary atresia test card

the billiary atresia test card in Sapporo city


Reverse side of test card

For a one-month old baby

Early diagnosis of biliary atresia

What is biliary atresia?

It is a disease in which the duct between the liver and the intestines is clogged and bile cannot be discharged. As a result, jaundice and white stools happen.This disease can be treated only by surgery. If the treatment is delayed, a serious hepatic dysfunction would occur. Therefore early diagnosis, of within two months of berth, is necessary.How to take the test (it's free)

Please write down the number of the picture which has the similar color of your baby's stools on the day before the one month's old health check

Please fill out this test form and submit it to the doctor in charge of the health check. If you live outside Sapporo, mail it with a stamp.

If there is no response about the test for two weeks, your baby is normal.

If the test's result is positive, you will be referred to an expert hospital.