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Update:February 14, 2019

Long-term care insurance system (Kaigo hoken)

Under the long-term care insurance system, people aged 40 or older are obliged to enroll and pay insurance premiums. Should they need it, they are eligible to use services such as at-home or institutional care, rent assistive decides, and receive placement in welfare facilities for the elderly needing care, paying only 10% or 20% (will be 10%, 20%, or 30% as starting August 2018) of the medical costs charged for such services.
Those aged 40 years and older who are eligible for residence registration in Sapporo (see page. are obliged to enroll in the long-term care insurance program. Premiums are based on income.
The care services covered by the insurance vary by age and health condition. The use of these services requires application at the relevant ward office (page. and certification as being in need of such care.


Long-Term Care Insurance Booklet (Kaigo Hoken) FY2018

(Japanese(PDF:4,930KB), English(PDF:3,797KB))

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