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Update:April 2, 2018

If you become ill

Hospitals/clinics are generally open only during daytime hours on weekdays, and are closed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and national holidays. Some hospitals operate during nighttime hours and on weekends.
Waiting times may be long in crowded hospitals.

Receiving medical care at a hospital

  1. Present your health insurance card at the reception desk and wait until your name is called.
  2. After examination and treatment, pay your bill at the cashier and collect any prescription issued.
  3. Take the prescription to a pharmacy to buy medicine.

Multilingual medical symptom questionnaires

The Kanagawa International Foundation provides multilingual medical symptom questionnaires through the Internet. These are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Persian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Russian, Laotian, Cambodian, French, German, Nepali, Arabic and Croatian.
Multilingual Medical Questionnaires

(Kanagawa International Foundation, International Community Hearty Konandai)

Hospitals capable of communicating in foreign languages

These hospitals can be found on the Internet.

Hokkaido Medical Information System (Japanese/English)
Sapporo Medical Association (Japanese)

Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo

You can call this number in the event of sudden illness or injury to determine whether it is best to visit the hospital or call an ambulance. This service also provides hospital information.
TEL:011-272-7119 or  #7119 (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean/Russian/Thai/Malay)