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Update:November 9, 2018

Telephone service

Land-line/ Mobile phone/ Smartphone services

These services can be contracted at phone companies and electrical appliance shops. To sign up, you will need to pay a sign-up fee/phone fee and provide a form of identification such as your passport and residence registration card. For further details, ask at the store.

How to make a call

Domestic calls

Area code (e.g., 03 for Tokyo, 011 for Sapporo) + subscriber’s number

* Dial the area code when you are not in the area of the code or when using a mobile phone.
* The Directory Assistance Service and the i TOWNPAGE online telephone directory allows users to search for numbers throughout the country.

Directory Assistance Service Tel: 104 (Japanese) * not a free service
i TOWNPAGE (Japanese)

International calls (landline)

Carrier’s prefix code + 010 + country code + area code + subscriber’s number

Major telephone companies’ code numbers are listed below.
For example, if you wish to call 123-4567 in New York via KDDI, dial 001-010-1-212-123-4567.
001 (KDDI)
0033 (NTT Communications)
0061 (Softbank)
Many other telephone companies provide international phone services.
* For information on whether to use +1 or 101 when making international calls from mobile phones or smart phones, contact your mobile phone company.

+1 or 101 + country code + area code + phone number


There are many Internet service providers, and fees and procedures for subscribing vary. For details, contact a provider or an electrical appliance shop.