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Update:November 9, 2018


Two types of gas are used in Sapporo: city gas provided through underground pipes, and LP gas (liquefied petroleum/propane gas) provided from compressed gas cylinders.
Gas appliances vary by gas type, and using an incompatible type may result in fires and other hazards. Be sure to confirm (for example, by asking your landlord or real estate agent) what type of gas is used.

City gas

City gas is supplied by Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd. (known as Kita Gas) throughout the city.
To apply for gas service, contact the Kita Gas Customer Center at least three days prior to the desired start date by phone or five days prior through the Internet to your move-in date and tell them your name, contact number, new address, the day you will need to start using gas, desired time for service personnel to pay you a visit for installation, the model of your gas stove and method of payment. A service representative will visit the residence on the appointed date and open the main valve.

Paying your gas bill

Gas is charged every month. Bills can be paid automatically using the account transfer systems provided by financial institutions. Alternatively, payment can be made at financial institutions, convenience stores, or Kita Gas service offices, or by credit card.

Kita Gas Customer Center Tel: 011-231-9511 (Japanese, English)
Online form: (Japanese)

LP gas (propane gas)

LP gas (propane gas) is provided by many companies. If you live in a residence where propane gas is used, please contact the relevant company after asking your landlord or real estate agent for the relevant name and phone number.

Paying basic rates
Waterworks, electricity, and gas services require a payment of “monthly rates (kihon ryokin)” regardless of whether you use the services. If you contact your provider to temporarily stop your services when you leave for a long period of time, the bills may become significantly cheaper. Please contact your service providers for further information.