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Update:November 17, 2016


Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. (known as Hokuden) supplies most of the power in Sapporo. The frequency of the electricity supplied is 50 Hz, and the voltage is 100V or 200 V (100 V is general).
The frequency of 50 Hz is used in eastern Japan, while 60 Hz is used in western Japan. Some domestic appliances can be used with both frequencies, including those whose performance varies depending on the frequency, but some cannot be used at all with the wrong frequency.

Applying for electrical service

To turn on the electricity, find the electric breaker switch panel (usually located near the front door or the lavatory) and flip the breaker switches up.
After confirming that electricity is being supplied, fill in the application for electricity service (this should be attached to the breaker or in your mailbox) and post it. If the electricity does not come on, or if you cannot find the application form, call the nearest Hokuden office.

Hokuden Contract Center (for new move-ins) Tel: 0120-12-6565

Paying your electricity bill

Electricity is charged every month. Bills can be paid automatically using the account transfer systems provided by financial institutions, by using the payment slip to settle the amount at a financial institution or convenience store, or by credit card.

Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. (Japanese/English)