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Update:November 9, 2018

Chonaikai (community associations)

A chonaikai is a community association organized by local residents for the purpose of promoting mutual assistance and friendship in the neighborhood. Although membership is optional, it’s a good idea to join because these organizations provide information on public services and local activities. Associations are operated on a membership fee system, which varies by group. Enquire at the respective associations (chonaikai) to find out information on enrollment and membership fees. If you do not know the contact details for the association, you may enquire at your respective Liason Centers or Ward Office's Community Promotion Section. (

Benefits of chonaikai membership

  • Members can easily obtain information on public services and local activities, as associations provide members local information on events, etc.
  • Chonaikai groups hold festivals and other events and provide members with opportunities to work collaboratively on street cleaning. Participating in such activities enables members to contribute to the community and make friends with neighbors.
  • Members of the same community can easily seek advice from each other on individual problems, and can also jointly address local issues that cannot be settled on an individual level.

Example activities of a chonaikai (activities vary by association)

  • Social welfare: Activities to support families raising children and elderly people, and more
  • Environment/public hygiene: Management of garbage collection points and street lights, snow removal/disposal, cleaning/tree planting in the community area, recycling, and more  
  • Crime/disaster prevention: Activities to ensure the safety of children, crime/disaster prevention, traffic safety campaigns, and more 
  • Health improvement: Classes for health improvement, medical examinations, and more 
  • Sports/culture: Associations for children, sports events, cultural group activities, cooking classes, and more 
  • Friendship: Festivals, Bon dance festival, New Year parties, and more
  • Others: Production of community newsletters, distribution of city PR magazines, circulation of flyers and other literature, management of meeting places, and more