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Update:November 17, 2016

Emergency number 110 (police) for traffic accidents and crimes

If you are the victim of a crime or are worried about your safety, please dial the police immediately at 110. You will be asked the nature and details of the situation, so please slowly and calmly answer the call-taker’s questions.
The 110 number connects from anywhere in the nation 24 hours a day and the dialing fee is free of cost.
For non-emergency cases such as consultation, contact a nearby police station/box.

Police boxes

Police officers are stationed in police boxes on streets. There are approximately 90 police boxes in Sapporo, with officers who protect local security by patrolling and provide information for those who are lost.

Important points:

  • When calling during an emergency from a public telephone booth, first pick up the receiver and then press the red emergency call button and before dialing 110 or 119. If the telephone booth does not have a red emergency call button, pick up the receiver and then dial 110 or 119 directly.
  • On mobile phones, dial 110 or 119 without the area code.