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Update:April 12, 2019

Typhoons and concentrated heavy rain

Typhoons frequent Japan between the summer and fall season. These storms could trigger floods and landslides caused by concentrated heavy rain and damages caused by strong winds. Please make sure to avoid going outside without compelling reason when there are warnings of such storms. Damages caused by concentrated flash torrential rain and regional downpour occur all across Japan. Be prepared by being aware of where you would need to evacuate if such disasters should occur.
In the event of a typhoon or severe rain storms, be sure to stay updated on weather information through the radio, television, internet or other means – it is particularily important to stay updated as the City of Sapporo may at some point issue any of the following evacuation warnings.

Emergency evacuation warnings

When there is an escalated risk of flooding or landslides due to heavy rainfall the City of Sapporo will announce evacuation warnings. These warnings are issued on three levels in order of severity: “evacuation preparation & early evacuation for the elderly,” “evacuation advisory,” and “evacuation order (emergency)”.

Evacuation preparation & early evacuation for the elderly
A call for residents to prepare for evacuation in the event of expected disaster. Persons needing extra time to evacuate should head to an evacuation site at this time.

Evacuation advisory
Liklihood of disaster occurring is extremely high.




Evacuation order (emergency)
Liklihood of injury or fatality is extremely high, or disaster is already occurring.




Evacuate as quickly as possible.

Methods of obtaining evacuation information


News outlets are informed immediately when the City of Sapporo announces any evacuation warnings, making television and radio good sources for evacuation information

Emergency alert text messages

The City of Sapporo utilizes cell phone services such as NTT DoCoMo’s Area Mail and KDDI/Softbank’s Emergency Alert Mail to widely deliver emergency and evacutation information. Please contact your mobile phone service provider for details on eligible devices and setting up emergency mail services.


Evacuation information can be found online at the City of Sapporo and Hokkaido Prefecutre homepages. The City of Sapporo homepage issues evacuation notices in English.

City of Sapporo Disaster Information (Japanese) (English only in cases of evacuation notice)

Hokkaido Prefecture Disaster Prevention Information (Japanese, English, Chinese [simplified and traditional], Korean, Russian)