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Update:April 2, 2018

Disaster messaging services

During large scale disasters, it will be hard to get a hold of people by phone for days due to too calls trying to contact people in the disaster region. The Disaster Messaging Service Dial 171 is a service where family and friends could confirm each other’s safety and forward important information in times of disaster. You can dial the 171 number, then follow the instrucions of the service guidance and record or listen to your message. In addition, each mobile phone company offers emergency message board services.

Basic dialing procedures:

Disaster Messaging Service

Please contact each carrier regarding service charges. You can experience the emergency dialing system on the 1st of each month.

Reporting your stay

You have to report your stay in Sapporo to your country’s embassy or consulate general in order to enable getting assistance necessary from your embassy, confirming your safety, and getting in contact with your family in case of a disaster. Once you come to Sapporo, be sure to send your address and contact information to the closest consulate general office or embassy.