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Update:December 3, 2014

Bond Credit Ratings

Sapporo City Bond Credit Ratings

   The City of Sapporo was assigned a credit rating from bond credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service (currently known as Moody's Japan, hereafter  "Moody's")  on November 17, 2008.


   Sapporo currently has a A1 rating.
   The city was assigned a "stable" outlook, and received a baseline credit assessment (BCA) of a2.


   ※Moody's announced changes in bond credit ratings for local goverments, including the City of Sapporo, on December 3, 2014.
   It is because, Japanese government bond ratings were lowered from Aa3 to A1.
   Accordinly, the bond credit ratings for all local governing bodies in Japan were also lowered from Aa3 to A1.