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Update:December 23, 2019

Status Transition Process of the “Jumin-hyo” (Resident Records)

A new Resident Registration System that will replace the Alien Registration System will begin on July 9th 2012.
Residency information of foreigners will be managed under the "Resident Records (hereinafter "Jumin-hyo") with Japanese similarly and your "Alien Registration Certificate" will be replaced with a "Resident Card" or "Special Permanent Resident Certificate" after July 9th (Immediate replacement is unnecessary for people already registered under the alien registration system. Alien Resident Cards should be renewed with the new card either when the residency period expires or after the specified deadline listed on the information page). "Resident Cards" are issued from the Immigration Bureau and Special Permanent Resident Cards will be issued by the ward office assigned to your residence.

About "Jumin-hyo"

"Jumin-hyo" is similar to "Alien Registration” when the possessor's name, domicile, nationality, registered under the Japanese government. It is registered by household if the applicant is living with other family members. Your "Jumin-hyo" will act as residence certificates instead of a "Certificate Copy of Alien Registration" at places such as ward offices.

People obligated to apply for the"Jumin-hyo"

Foreigners who have a valid foreign resident status under the Alien Registration System as of July 9, 2012. (Excludes foreigners who are authorized to stay less than 3 months or no authority at all starting July 9th 2012.)

About the "Kari Jumin-hyo Notification" (Residence Certificate Notification)

In order to make a "Jumin-hyo", correct information such as your full name, domicile and etc. are required.

 Mid-May 2012: Send your "Kari Jumin-hyo Notification" to your domicile 

※Confirm information content of the"Kari Jumin-hyo Notification" and send a "Confirmation Sheet" to your Ward Office using the enclosed envelope.

July 9th 2012: "Jumin-hyo"will be put on record with the information content of "Kari Jumin-hyo"

 For inquiries regarding to the Alien Registration System, residence status, resident cards, etc.

Immigration Information Center (with language support) 0570-013904
Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau 011-261-7502
 8時30分 - 17時15分 on weekdays IP・PHS・overseas:03-5796-7112

For inquiries regarding "Jumin-hyo" and "Kari Jumin-hyo Notification"

Citizen Registration Section, Chuo Ward Office 011-231-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Kita Ward Office 011-757-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Higashi Ward Office 011-741-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Shiroishi Ward Office 011-861-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Atsubetsu Ward Office 011-895-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Toyohira Ward Office 011-822-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Kiyota Ward Office 011-889-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Minami Ward Office 011-582-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Nishi Ward Office 011-641-2400
Citizen Registration Section, Teine Ward Office 011-681-2400
Citizen Registration Section, City Office 011-211-2296