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Update:October 10, 2017

How to transfer between subway trains at Sapporo Station as of September 1, 2017

The partitions connecting the Namboku Line and Toho Line at the Sapporo Subway Station have been removed, making the passage way between JR Sapporo station and the underground walkway more convenient.

Along with this, the method of transferring has changed starting this past September. Please be aware that in order to transfer here, you will need to pass through the ticket gates.

When transferring between trains on the Subway Namboku and Toho Lines at Sapporo Station,
please exit through the ticket gate and then re-enter through the ticket gate to your transfer destination,
within no more than 30 minutes.

Those using tickets

Exit via the yellow ticket gate machine and take the ticket as you pass through.
Then use the ticket to enter the ticket gate machine to your transfer destination.
When entering, any ticket gate machine that accept tickets can be used.

Those using IC cards (SAPICA, senior citizens’ IC cards, etc.)

Exit and enter through any ticket gate machine that accepts IC cards.

Warning regarding fares

The validity of one ticket is limited to a single one-way journey. Please take the shortest transfer route.

Examples of shortest transfer routes


Examples of longer transfer routes








If routes other than the shortest ones (longer routes) are taken, journey zones may overlap.
Please note that extra charges will be incurred from the station at which the second part of the journey begins.


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