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Update:November 17, 2016


Applying for/stopping water service

Contact the Waterworks Bureau’s Telephone Service Center and give your name, address and the date you would like the service to begin (i.e., the move-in date). This can also be done through the Waterworks Bureau’s website at (Japanese).

Paying your water bill

Water fees, along with sewage fees, are charged every other month.
Bills can be paid automatically using the account transfer systems provided by financial institutions, or directly at financial institutions, convenience stores or Waterworks Bureau service offices.

In case of problems

If water does not run or stop, contact the Waterworks Bureau Telephone Service Center.


Be careful of freezing pipes

During winter in Sapporo, water sometimes freezes and water pipes burst. If this happens, your residence may flood or cause problems for residents downstairs, and you may be liable to pay significant damages in addition to the cost of repairs. Accordingly, when the nighttime temperature is forecast to fall below –4°C, when you will be away from home for a few days, and when the temperature is below freezing for the entire day, be sure to turn off the main water valve and open the taps to drain water remaining in the pipes. Ask your landlord how to do this on moving in.
If a water pipe is frozen, wrap the frozen part with a towel and pour hot water on it. The water should soon start to run. If it does not, or if the pipe bursts, call the Waterworks Bureau Telephone Service Center.