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Update:March 29, 2015

Telephone service

Land-line/ Mobile phone/ Smartphone services

These services can be contracted at phone companies and electrical appliance shops. To sign up, you will need to pay a sign-up fee/phone fee and provide a form of identification such as your passport and residence registration card. For further details, ask at the store.

How to make a call

Domestic calls

Area code (e.g., 03 for Tokyo, 011 for Sapporo) + subscriber’s number

* Dial the area code when you are not in the area of the code or when using a mobile phone.
* The Directory Assistance Service and the i TOWNPAGE online telephone directory allows users to search for numbers throughout the country.

Directory Assistance Service Tel: 104 (Japanese/English) * not a free service
i TOWNPAGE (Japanese)

International calls

Carrier’s prefix code + 010 + country code + area code + subscriber’s number

* Major telephone companies’ code numbers are listed below.
For example, if you wish to call 123-4567 in New York via KDDI, dial 001-010-1-212-123-4567.
001 (KDDI)
0033 (NTT Communications)
0061 (Softbank Telecom)
* Many other telephone companies provide international phone services.
* For information on how to make international calls from mobile phones, contact your mobile phone company.


There are many Internet service providers, and fees and procedures for subscribing vary. For details, contact a provider or an electrical appliance shop.