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Update:April 2, 2018

Pets and Animals

Canine Registration

Households with dogs must register their animals at the following reception desks in accordance with the Rabies Prevention Act. You must also send in a notification if there are any changes in the owner’s name and address or where the dog lives and when the dog dies. Please attach the license issued when you register your dog to the animal’s collar.

● Time periods for Canine Registration

Register the animal within 30 days after your dog has reached 90 days of age, or within 30 days after acquiring the animal if it has been 91 days or more since the dog’s birth.

Canine Registration Procedure Fee   3,200 yen (1,800 yen to reissue)

Rabies Vaccination

Please have your dog undergo rabies vaccinations. In the city of Sapporo, you will need to have those done at an animal hospital. (separate injection fees apply).

Submit the rabies vaccination certificate issued upon completion of vaccination to one of the following reception windows listed below. Please attach the tag which acts as proof of vaccination to your dog’s collar.

●Time periods for rabies vaccination

If you have acquired the dog once it has reached 91 days of age or over à once yearly between April 1st, and June 30th

If you are the first owners of a dog and have acquired it once it has reached 91 days of age or over à within 30 days

If you are the first owners of a dog and have acquired it when it is younger than 90 days old à within 30 days once it has reached 90 days of age


Vaccination Certificate delivery fee                 700 yen (400 yen to reissue)

Reception Desks for Canine Registration and Vaccination Certificate Delivery

Animal Welfare & Management Center (Main Office) TEL 011-736-6134

Animal Welfare & Management Center (Fukui Branch) TEL 011-791-1811

Public Health Center Food Safety Promotion Section TEL 011-622-5170

Health & Children Affairs Sections at various Public Health Centers

※ Animal hospitals commissioned by the City of Sapporo offer rabies vaccinations, new canine registrations, and procedures for delivery of vaccination certificates. (Cannot be reissued) 

When your pet goes missing

Please contact the Sapporo Animal Management Center (TEL 011-736-6134) if your pet goes missing. They will provide information on any animals similar to yours and confirm whether or not there are any similar lost animals being housed in the Animal Management Center or being taken care of by a resident of Sapporo

●Fees for having your pet returned to you

¥6,500 for dogs  *a 400 yen animal care fee will be added per day

¥4,300 for cats   *a 300 yen animal care fee will be added per day

  When taking care of lost pets whose owner is unknown

Please call the Animal Management Center during business hours (8:45-17:15) to confirm information regarding the lost pet. Please also notify the nearest police box.

In the case of dogs, if you do not intend to keep caring for the animal, the Animal Management Center will accommodate the animal. In the case of cats, it is possible that the animal may be a stray or an outdoor cat, so the Animal Management Center will not accommodate them unless the animal is injured. Even if you bring the animal in, the center will, as a general rule, refuse to house it.

  Pet cremation

If your pet passes away, you may have it cremated at the Animal Management Center. Cremation fees are 5,100 yen for cats and dogs, 3,400 yen for rabbits, 1,700 yen for snakes and ferrets, and 850 yen for small birds, hamsters, and turtles. For any other animal, please inquire with the Animal Management Center. Please be aware of the following points when requesting cremation.

  • You may not be present if you want to have animals cremated together.
  • You will not be able to have the remains returned to you.

If you find a dead animal on the road

If you find a dead animal on the road, please contact the local ward's Waste Management Center. The Waste Management Center will collect the animal and bring it to the Animcal Management Center. If you bring the animal directly to the center, they will accept if for cremation free of charge.