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Update:March 29, 2015

Seal registration (Inkan toroku)

In Japan, a personal seal is needed when opening bank accounts, subscribing to mobile phone services and in many other cases. A number of important procedures and contracts also require a registered seal (jitsu-in) to be affixed.

Seal registration procedures

Seal registration procedures take place at ward offices (page. The seal to be registered and identification such as your residence registration card, special permanent resident certificate, and a driver’s license are required for the application. After the registration procedure, a seal registration card (inkan toroku-sho) is issued.

Seal registration certificate (Inkan toroku shomei-sho)

After a seal is registered, a seal registration certificate can be obtained by applying at the ward office or the Odori Certificate Issuance Service Center. There is a handling fee of \350.
The seal registration card is needed for the procedure. If a proxy performs the procedure, the card must be provided, but a letter of proxy is not required.

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