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Update:November 9, 2018

Resident registration (Juumin toroku)

Resident registration procedures

If you are subjected to apply for resident registration in Japan, please report your address to the residing ward office within 14 days after your move. You will also have to report when you move from your residence. Bring your residence card or Special Permanent Resident Certificate with you during the reporting procedures if you already have one that is issued.
*If you are staying for a medium- to long-period in Japan and did not receive a residence card due to entering the country through an airport that is not New Chitose, Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, Hiroshima or Fukuoka, your card will be issued and mailed to you from the Immigration Bureau after you have reported your residential information to your ward office. Please remember to bring your passport to the ward office during your residency registration procedures.
*If the head of the household is also a foreign resident, an official document stating the relationship with the applicant will be required. Please have a translated copy of the documentation if it is not in Japanese.

Reporting change of identification or residency information

When there is a change in information regarding your identification or residency status for mit- to long-term residents, you may have to report your change to the immigration bureau or ward office depending on the content of information.

Information that is changed

Where to report

Change of name, date of birth, gender, nationality, etc.

Regional Immigration Bureau
(Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau)

When there is change regarding residency status

Change in address (moving into or within the city)

Ward Office which has jurisdiction over the area you live in

Change in address (moving out of the city)

※Special permanent residents should report any changed information listed above to the Ward Office which has jurisdiction over the area you live in as well.

Certified Copy of Resident Registration (juumin hyo)

A Certified Copy of Resident Registration is proof of your residential status and address in Japan. You can apply for this at the ward office (page. and at the Odori Certificate Issuance Service Center. Issue costs ¥350, and your identification (e.g., residence card, driver’s license) is required for the application.
※If a proxy applicant handles the procedure, identification such as a residence card or driver’s license is necessary. If the proxy is not a cohabitant family member, letter of proxy is also needed.

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