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Update:April 2, 2018

Immigration procedures/re-entry permits

Receiving a Residence Card

After your passport is stamped with an entry permit, medium-to long-term residents will issue a residence card.
※The only airports that currently issue residence cards are New Chitose, Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka (as of January 2018).

Re-issuing residence cards

Please file an application of re-issuing residence cards at the Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau if lost, stolen, or damaged. You will also need to notify the police if your card was lost or stolen.

Re-issuing residence cards

Procedures for extending period of stay/changing residency status

Procedures for visa extensions and changes in residential status take place at the Immigration Bureau. To extend the period of your stay, you must apply at the Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau within the three months before your current visa expires. To change your residential status, you must apply immediately regardless of your length of stay. Forms necessary to apply are listed in the information center and website listed below. The handling fee when the extension or change is approved is ¥4,000. A new residence card will be issued after the procedures are completed.

Re-entry procedures

Those residing in Japan for medium- to long-periods of time that plan to leave and re-enter the country before their validity of residence is expired will need to receive a re-entry permit at the Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau. To apply for a re-entry permit, bring your passport and residence card/special permanent resident certificate to the Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau. The fee is ¥3,000 for a single-entry permit (can only be permitted for one use) and ¥6,000 for a multiple-entry permit (for unlimited use during the permitted period). Purchase a fee stamp (shunyu-inshi) for the equivalent fee to pay when receiving the permit.
However, foreign nationals possessing a valid passport and residence card (or in the case of special permanent residents, a special permanent resident certificate) re-entering Japan within 1 year of leaving the country (within 2 years in the case of special permanent residents) may as a general rule re-enter without obtaining a re-entry permit at the Sapporo Immigration Bureau prior to departure  (known as a special re-entry permit). Please be sure to bring your residence card and fill out the special re-entry card at the airport.
Persons leaving Japan with a special re-entry permit must re-enter the country within 1 year of leaving (2 years in the case of special permanent residents), as well as within the valid visa period or else residency status will be lost.