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Update:November 8, 2017


Those who become pregnant should obtain a pregnancy notification (ninshin todokede-sho) at a hospital and submit it to the health center in their local ward (page., which will issue a maternal and child health handbook (boshi kenko techo) and explain the options for prenatal checkups and classes for mothers. The handbook is for recording health checkups during pregnancy and the history of the baby’s growth, and should be kept in a safe place. Handbooks in foreign languages are also available.
The health center also provides consultation services on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare.

General Health Check-up for Expecting Mothers

The medical fees incurred for up to 14 pregnancy health check-ups at a designated medical office or midwifery home are subsidizied. Please present the General Health Check-up Card for Pregnant Mothers when checking in at a designated medical office or midwifery home.

※General Health Check-up Cards for Pregnant Mothers are distributed to those with a registered address in Sapporo.

A Baby is on the Way!

The bookelet “A Baby is on the Way” is available online, which has information on childcare for expecting parents and those with a baby up to 1 years old.




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