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Living Information For Residents

Flood Hazard Map

The Flood Hazard Map illustrates through color coding five levels of predicted flood water depth for each residential area in the event that rivers overflow. Please make routine use of this map for calculating disaster prevention measures, as opposed to only referring to it after a flood strikes.

※Flood Hazard Maps have not been drawn up for Kiyota and Minami Wards as there are no rivers determined as flood threats in these regions.

 Earthquake Hazard Map

The Earthquake Hazard Map illustrates the maximum predicted seismic intensity for each residential area in the event an earthquake occurs in Sapporo. Please make routine use of this map for calculating disaster prevention measures, as opposed to only referring to it after an earthquake strikes.

Pocket-sized Disaster Guide

Pocket-sized Disaster Guide(PDF:1,642KB)

  • This is a portable disaster guidebook for those of foreign nationality with written instructions on what to do when a disaster strikes and how to evacuate safely. This guidebook is written in 5 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian)
  • Print your own copy and hold on to this guide at all times to be prepared for possible disasters.
  • Printed guidebooks are available at Sapporo ward offices and the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (MN Bldg. 3F, Kita 1 Nishi 3, Chuo-ku).

 Notification of Change in Foreign Registration Procedures as of July 9, 2012

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  • The Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation started a multilingual cell-phone messaging information service from February, 2011. We will forward you information on Sapporo city such as city events, health and welfare, medical facilities, and emergency procedures, free of cost! 
  • To register for the English service, please send a blank email to the address below from your cell phone.

Information on living in Sapporo for foreign residents
(in four languages: Japanese, English, simplified Chinese and Korean)

  • This website provides information for foreign residents in Sapporo and is managed by Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation.
  • Main Contents:
    Emergencies, Disaster Prevention / Consultation / Visa, Legal Procedures / Medical Services, Health, Child Care / Living in Sapporo
  • A page for mobile phone web service is also available:
  • For those mobile phone users who have a barcode (QR Code) reader, please use the barcode below to display the address.

Living information

for emergency 

Tourism Information

Event Calendar

City of Sapporo Plans

The Sapporo City Development Vision

The Sapporo City Development Vision is a guiding compass for new city planning in response to large shifts in the socioeconomic conditions of Sapporo and is situated as the master Comprehensive Plan of all city development. The planning period spans ten years from 2013 to 2022 and is comprised of a Vision outlining the ideal image of the city and a Strategy laying out the major priorities and concentrations for the governing administration to follow.

International Strategy

Sapporo International Strategic Plan(PDF:513KB)

Business Support Information

Investor Relations

Information relating to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Measurement Results of Radiation Levels in Sapporo / Hokkaido

The Great East Japan Earthquake


Other English Information Pages

General Information about Sapporo

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Contact Information

 Sapporo Citizen Contact Center

  • City of Sapporo has an information service system. You may make inquiries in English or Japanese.
    "Sapporo Citizen Contact Center".
  • Frequently asked Questions
    *These are the questions frequently asked to the City Hall.
  • If you cannot find, please contact at Sapporo Citizen Contact Center.
    Phone:011-222-4894, FAX:011-221-4894

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